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Introductory Course on Spectral Clustering

Course schedule

The course is given in the second half of the spring semester (VT2).

The dates are

Tuesday 22/5/2012, 15-17

Thursday 24/5/2012, 10-12

Tuesday 29/5/2012, 15-17

All lectures are given in seminar room Signalen at the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Preliminary lecture plan

  • Lecture 1: An overview of the clustering problem, graph theory and segmentation, introduction to concepts in spectral clustering  [Lecture slides]
  • Lecture 2: Algorithms for spectral clustering, A, D and L and their eigensystems [Lecture slides]
  • Lecture 3: Extensions: multi-way affinities, multiple cues + competing methods, enhancing SC [Lecture slides]


Students can propose their own problems to work on, but example problems/data to work on will also be available.
For those who wish to use our example problems and data you can download them here.
Instructions here.

Results of the exercises will probably be presented at a seminar
Preliminary, the course gives 3hp credits (=2 weeks full time work)




Contact information

To express interest in the course, please send an email to
  • Vasileios Zografos:
  • Klas Nordberg:
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