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Articles 2009

Paper log autumn 2009

  • 15e december: Fitzgibbon, Cross, Zisserman, Automatic 3D Model Construction for Turn-Table Sequences , SMILE98 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 24e november: C. Desai et al., Discriminative Models for multi-class object layout, ICCV09 [ PDF ]
  • 3e november: Omar Ait-Aider, Franįois Berr, Structure and Kinematics Triangulation with a Rolling Shutter Stereo Rig , ICCV 2009 [ PDF ]
  • 27e oktober: Ashish Kapoor, Gang Hua, Amir Akbarzadeh and Simon Baker, Which Faces to Tag: Adding Prior Constraints into Active Learning , ICCV 2009 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 20e oktober: D. Ververidis and C. Kotropoulos, Information Loss of the Mahalanobis Distance in High Dimensions: Application to Feature Selection , TPAMI09 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 13e oktober: M. Kristan, D. Skocaj and A. Leonardis, Online Kernel Density Estimation For Interactive Learning , IMAVIS 2009 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 6e oktober: David Lowe, Local Feature View Clustering for 3D Object Recognition, CVPR'01 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 29e september: R. Fergus, P. Perona and A. Zisserman, A sparse object category model for efficient learning and exhaustive recognition . CVPR05 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 8e september: Ajau Mishra et al., Active Segmentation with Fixation . ICCV09 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 1a september: Vu Hoang Hiep et al., Towards high-resolution large-scale multi-view stereo . CVPR09 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 25e augusti: Yogesh Rathi, Namrata Vaswani, and Allen Tannenbaum, A Generic Framework for Tracking Using Particle Filter With Dynamic Shape Prior . TIP07 [ IEEE Xplore ]
  • 18e augusti: Matthew Brown and David Lowe, Automatic Panoramic Image Stitiching using Invariant Features . IJCV07 [ PDF ]

Paper log spring 2009

  • 23e juni: Lijin Aryananda, Learning to Recognize Familiar Faces in the Real World . ICRA09 [ PDF ]
  • Tisd 16e juni: C.M. Bishop and J. Lasserre Generative or Discriminative? Getting the Best of Both Worlds, Bayesian Statistics 2007 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 12e juni: M. Pollefeys et al., Detailed Real-Time Urban 3D Reconstruction from Video . IJCV08 [ Springerlink ]
  • 2a juni: H. Jegou, M. Douze and C. Schmid, Large Scale Image Search . MVA09
  • 26e maj: R.P.N. Rao, An Optimal Estimation Approach to Visual Perception and Learning . Vision Research [ Extern PDF ]
  • 6e maj: P. Vandewalle et al., Reproducible Research in Signal Processing . IEEE SP Magazine 2009 [ Extern PDF ] också denna [ alt. ]
  • 29e april: C. Shan, S. Gong and P.W. McOwan Fusing gait and face cues for human gender recognition . Neurocomputing08 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 21a april : P. Sinha and B. Balas and Y. Ostrovsky and R. Russell, Face Recognition by Humans . Proc of IEEE 2006 [ IEEE Xplore ]
  • 14e april : Won-ho Cho and Ki-Sang Hong, Affine Motion Based CMOS Distortion Analysis and CMOS Digital Image Stabilization . IEEE TCE'07 [ PDF i IEEE Xplore ]
  • 8e april: Kevin Köser and Reinhard Koch, Differential Spatial Resection - Pose Estimation using a Single Local Image Feature . ECCV'08 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 2a april: Shai Bagon, Oren Boiman, and Michal Irani. What is a good image segment? A Unified Approach to Segment Extraction . ECCV'08 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 10e mars: Volkan Cevher et al. Compressive Sensing for Background Subtraction . ECCV'08 [ Extern PDF ] [ Populärvetenskaplig artikel ][ Terence Tao ]
  • 3e mars: Jan Koenderink and Andrea van Doorn. Image processing done right . ECCV'02 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 24e februari: Gruppteori för datorseende. + Pottmann and Optiz. Curvature analysis and visualization for functions defined on Euclidean spaces or surfaces . CAGD 1994 . [ Gruppteori sammanfattning ] [ Extern PDF ]
  • 17e februari: Max Wexler et al. Depth perception by the active observer . Trends in CogSci 2005 [ Extern PDF ] [ Video ]
  • 10e februari: Marius Muja and David Lowe. Fast Approximative Nearest Neighbours with Automatic Algorithm Configuration . VISAPP09 [ Extern PDF ] [ FLANN library ]
  • 3e februari: Daniel Martinec and Tomāš Pajdla. Robust Rotation and Translation Estimation in Multiview Reconstruction . CVPR07 [ Extern PDF ]
  • 27e januari: Fabio Tozeto Ramos et al. A Natural Feature Representation for Unstructured Environments . TRO2008 [ PDF i IEEE Xplore ]
  • 20e januari: Gabriel Brostow et al. Segmentation and Recognition using Structure from Motion Point Clouds . ECCV08 [ Extern PDF ]

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