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Articles 2017

Paper log spring 2017

  • March 23: Per-Erik presents: Show, Attend and Tell: Neural Image Caption Generation with Visual Attention, ICML15 [PDF] [GitHub page]
  • March 30: Martin presents: V. Mnih et al. Asynchronous Methods for Deep Reinforcement Learning, ICML16 [PDF] [video 1] [video 2] [video 3].
  • April 6: Gustav presents: J. Andreas et al. Neural Module Networks, CVPR16 [PDF] [homepage]
  • April 27: Mikael Persson. J. Engel, V. Koltun, D. Cremers, Direct Sparse Odometry, arXiv, 2016 [PDF][webpage]
  • May 4: Abdelrahman Eldesokey. F. Luan et al., Deep Photo Style Transfer, ArXiv [ArXiv] [GitHub]
  • May 11: Andreas Robinson. T. Zhou et al. Unsupervised Learning of Depth and Ego-Motion from Video, CVPR17 [PDF] [webpage]
  • June 8: Joakim Johnander presents: Eddy Llg et al., FlowNet 2.0: Evolution of Optical Flow Estimation with Deep Networks, CVPR'17 [PDF] [author homepage]

Paper log autumn 2017

  • August 30: Joakim Johnander presents: S. Valipour et al. Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks for Video Segmentation, WACV17. [PDF] [project page]
  • September 6: Mikael Persson presents: A. Shrivastava et al. Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training, CVPR17 [ArXiV] reimplementation [Git] [Apple ML blog post] [Meetup discussion of paper]
  • October 18: Joakim Presents: S. Sankaranarayanan et al. Guided Perturbations: Self Corrective Behavior in Convolutional Neural Networks, ICCV 2017 [PDF]
  • Dec 13: Felix Järemo Lawin presents: S. Sabour N. Frosst, G.E.Hinton, Dynamic Routing Between Capsules, NIPS17 [PDF]

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