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The course gives 6 ECTS points, roughly corresponding to 4 × 40h = 160h. This time is divided into the following acitivites

  • Lectures: 16 x 2h = 32h
  • Classroom lessons: 6 x 2h = 12h
  • Computer exercises: 6 x 4h = 24h
  • Own work: 92h

The course is scheduled over the entire autumn semester (HT1+HT2)

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all lectures will be held remotely over Zoom (Meeting ID: 658 8671 0723).

Course documents


In order to receive email about the course and get results entered into Ladok, it is necessary that you are registrered for the course.  If you are taking the course but are not registered, make sure to register asap using Studentportalen.  If you are taking the course without being a registered student at Linköping University, contact the examiner in order to assure a working email communication.

Notice: if you have made a course registration after April this year, you need to register also for the written examination.  This has to be done at least one week before the written examination takes place.


The computer exercises are based on Matlab, a software tool for mathematical computations.  If you have no previous experience with Matlab, you may want to check out the introductory Matlab course given by the Communication Systems group.

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