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Computer exercises

The computer exercises are mandatory, and all computer exercises have to be passed in order to get the corresponding 3hp credits. It is not necessary to.registrer for the exercises, they should be done at the times indicated in the schedule. If you cannot make it for a scheduled exercise, there will only be limited resources for additional supervision at other times, but you can always present the result of your exercise if you have done it off-schedule, after agreement with the examiner.

The computer exercises are done in groups of no more than 2 students (unless there are limited computer resources and only after decision by the teachers).

All exercises have preparatory exercises, that should be finished by each student individually before attending the computer exercise.


The two computer exercises in HT1 have been updated for the 2020 round of the course. The computer exercises are done in Jupyter Notebook, using Python. Each computer exercise consists of two notebooks: one for the preparatory questions, and one for the actual computer exercise. In Lisam, there will be a submission for each computer exercise — you should submit your answers to the preparatory questions there.

To get access to Jupyter Notebook in the LiU computer rooms, you need to first load the course module:
$ module load courses/TSBB06

Once the course module has been loaded, you can start Jupyter Notebook:
$ jupyter notebook

This should open Jupyter Notebook in your web browser. Browse to where you have stored the .ipynb file for the lab, and click to open it.


The computer exercises will be done in Matlab. Guides for the computer exercises are found here.

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