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The lessons will be carried out in distance mode. See https://gitlab.liu.se/cvl/tsbb06 for further instructions.

The course has six classroom lessons, divided into three lessons in each of the HT1 and HT2 periods.  For each of the two periods, there is a set of exercises:

HT1 period: Exercises and Guide to answers.

HT2 period: Exercises and Guide to answers.

At the lessons, some of these exercises will be presented and discussed, but you will also have the time to work yourself with the exercises, and get help from the teacher if necessary. You will not be able cover all the exercises only at the classroom lessons, you also need to spend additional time on them. besides the lessons. It is recommended that you do all of the initial 4-6 exercises in each of the chapters, and then look at the other if you have the time. In particular, exercises marked with (A) are more advanced and may be done later. Exercies marked with (M) may need Matlab, or similar numerical tools, to be completed.

You will not be able to do all the exercises at the lessons, you need to work with the exercises also between the lessons.

Preliminary plan for the lessons in the HT1 period

Lesson 1: covers sections 1 - 5 (in the collection of exercises)

Lesson 2: covers sections 6 - 9

Lesson 3: covers sections 10 - 11

Preliminary plan for the lessons in the HT2 period

Lesson 4: covers sections 12 - 15

Lesson 5: covers sections 23-25, 17 - 19 (Note: 16 is no longer part of the course)

Lesson 6: covers sections 20 - 22

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