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Course information

Scheduled hours

Lectures 12x2 = 24 h
Guest lecture (?) 1 h
Lessons 3x2+1 = 7 h
Laboratory assignments
7x4 = 28 h


Activity Name Telephone E-mail
lessons and
Lab. ass.:
Maria Magnusson 28 1336 maria.magnusson
Lessons: Felix
Järemo Lawin
Lessons and
Lab. ass.:
Sanchez Aimar
Sarvendranath Rimalapudi sarvendranath.rimalapudi
lecture (?):
Bertil Grelsson (?) bertil.grelsson

Maria Felix Emanuel Sarvendranath Bertil
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Maria has her room at ground floor, corridor D, entrance 25-27, house B.
Felix and Emanuel have their rooms at ground floor close to the arena, entrance 25-27, house B.
Sarvendranath is a post-doctor at Communication Systems, ISY


  1. The course is mainly based on:
    Digital Image Processing, 4:th edition, by Gonzalez and Woods.
    It has been the leading textbook in its field for more than thirty years. The lecture slides are mainly based on this book. They bring up the most important of the material, but the book gives depth and completeness.
    Bokakademin in Kårallen sells it for approximately 750 SEK. Not all students buy the book.
    The library in the new student house has reference copies at "plan 3" (second floor) and also some copies for home loan "plan 1" (below gound floor).

    There are also older variants of the book that contain most of the material.
    Digital Image Processing, 3:rd edition.
    Paperback2013 Paperback2008 Hardback2008
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    The second edition lacks some material. A scanned pdf-file may be found on internet.
    Digital Image Processing, 2:nd edition.

  2. Lab material

  3. Lecture slides

  4. Lesson material

  5. Formula collection


The laboratory assignments will be in distance mode. You can log in remotely or go to:
Egypten , Asgård and Olympen located at second floor, entrance 25, house B, or
SU25 located at second floor, entrance 27, house B.
You need to have an account at ISY, which you should have if you have registered to the course. For more info see here: account .


  • Laboratory assignments. The laboratory assignments are performed in groups of 2 (or possibly 3) students. They are approved by the assistant during the scheduled time. In case you are not ready in time, you can show what you have done, complete the lab outside the schedule and get it approved on the next scheduled lab.
  • Written examination.

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