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Laboratory assignments

All lab material can be downloaded here.
Help and examination of the labs will take place via gitlab:
Gitlab helplist for TSBB08
Some help how to manage the gitlab helplist is shown in the end of this page.
Note that you need to refesh the gitlab helplist to see changes!


There are 2 rooms allocated for every lab, see the schedule in timeedit.
You can go there personally or you can log in remotely, see
Connecting to the University computer rooms
More specifically, here are the available computers: Computers
(We normally use Olympen, Asgård, Egypten and SU25 in this course.)

To start Matlab, in a terminal window, write:
module add prog/matlab

You can also use your own computer at home!
However, try to find a lab partner!

Laboratory assignment 1

Operations on gray scale images.
Linear filters in the spatial and Fourier domain.

Student guide to Lab1: Lab1 student guide (updated 2019-09-05)

Image files to download: Lab1 image files

Laboratory assignment 2

Resampling - Image rotation.

Student guide to Lab2: Lab2 student guide (updated 2020-07-03)

Files to download: Lab2 files

Laboratory assignment 3

Histogram and gray scale transformation. Operations on binary images. Distance maps.

Student guide to Lab3: Lab3 student guide (updated 2021-09-20)

Files to download: Lab3 files

Laboratory assignment 4

Automatic threshholding and simple OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Student guide to Lab4: Lab4 student guide

Files to download: Lab4 files

Laboratory assignment 5

Segmentation of cells in microscopy images.

You will need the article "Segmentation of cytoplasms of cultured cells", which is here:

Student guide to Lab5: Lab5 student guide (Updated 2021-09-23)

Files to download: Lab5 files

Laboratory assignment 6

Automatic counting of blood cells. Experiments with the structure tensor.

Student guide to Lab6: Lab6 student guide (Slightly updated 2020-07-03)

Files to download: Lab6 files

Laboratory assignment 7

Image restoration.
Edge detection with Hough transform and Canny.

Student guide to Lab7: Lab7 student guide (Slightly updated 2020-07-03)

Files to download: Lab7 files (polyg.tif updated 2019-10-14)

Laboratory assignments with livescript

There are also new variants of the labs where livescript is used.
The new labs and are accessible under gitlab: Gitlab for TSBB08

How to manage gitlab helplist

As mentioned above, help and examination of the labs will take place via gitlab:
Gitlab helplist for TSBB08
Note that you need to refesh the gitlab helplist to see changes!
What you should do is to create an issue where you provide your zoom address.
It will look approximately as shown below.

Ask for help/to present by submitting a "New Issue" as shown below:


Presentations and Help will be done via your personal zoom rooms. Please attach your zoom room number, as well as liu-ids. An example Issue can be seen below:


After that you have filled in all the stuff the arrows point at, the result could look like this:


Now just click on the colored "Create issue" button! Wait until one of the teachers handle your issue. While waiting you can continue with other lab exercises.

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