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  • The formula collection located here at the home page will be provided during the written examination.
  • If you like, you can also bring your favorite handbook, like
    1. Beta
    2. Physics handbook
    3. Mikael Olofsson: Tables and Formulas for Signal Theory
    4. Sune Söderkvist: Formler och tabeller
    5. Henriksson/Lindman: Formelsamling i Signalteori
    6. Kurt Hansson: Transformteori sammanfattning, formler & lexikon
  • You can bring a dictionary English <-> Swedish/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Polish/Latvian...
  • If you like, you can also bring OH-film which can be helpful for convolution and morphology operations.
  • The problems will have the same structure as the problems at the lesson,
    the home works at the computer exercises (lab1-7),
    the old examinations in with solutions located here on the home page.
  • Consequently, the problems in the examination will  be based on the following literature:
    1. Gonzales and Woods: Digital Image Processing
    2. The computer exercises, i.e. lab 1-7
    3. The PowerPoint-presentations from the lectures
    4. The lessons
  • If you look at the PowerPoint-presentations, you can see what I think is most important.
    There are a lot of references to the book in the PowerPoint-presentations.

Old examinations with solutions

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Last updated: 2020-11-23