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Computer Exercises

  • The computer exercises are mandatory, and all computer exercises have to be passed in order to get the corresponding 3hp credits. It is not necessary to registrer for the exercises, they should be done at the times indicated in the schedule.
  • If you fail to finish in time at a scheduled exercise, you can finish it off-schedule, and present the result of your exercise at the next scheduled exercise. There are also a few extra lab occasions, with only one teacher, though.
  • Try to attend every ordinary scheduled exercise!
  • The computer exercises are done in groups of 2 students. (1 or 3 students may also be okay, after decision by the teachers).
  • The exercises have preparatory exercises, that should be done before attending the computer exercise.
  • Data and Matlab scripts that are used for the different exercises are found on this path: /courses/TSBB21
    from computers in Egypten, Asgård, Olympen or Southfork.
    Alternatively, Data and Matlab scripts, for each lab individually, can be downloaded from Lisam. Not for Camera Calibration 2, however!
No Date Content Material Personnel
1) 7/11 The digital camera MM, ESA
2) 14/11 Camera calibration 1 MM, ESA
3) 21/11 Camera calibration 2 MM, ESA
4) 22/11 The IR sensor MM, TS
5) 28/11 Panorama stitching MM, ESA
6) 5/12 The range camera MM, ESA
7) 12/12 3D visualization MM


There are 1 room allocated for every lab, see the schedule in timeedit.
In case you are ill, you can use your own computer or log in remotely, see
Connecting to the University computer rooms
More specifically, here are the available computers: Computers
(We normally use Olympen, Asgård, Egypten, SU25 and Glan-Roxen in this course.)

To start Matlab, in a terminal window, write:
module add prog/matlab

Last updated: 2022-11-22