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Introduction to Representations and Estimation in Geometry, version 0.40
by Klas Nordberg

This book contains material for an introductory course on homogeneous representations for geometry in 2 and 3 dimensions, camera projections, representations of 3D rotations, epipolar geometry, and estimation of various type of geometric objects. Based on these results, a set of applications are presented. It also contains a toolbox of general results that are useful for the presented material. The book is intended for undergraduate studies at advanced level in master programs, or in PhD-courses at introductory level.

Additionally, there is a separate compendium: Mathematical Toolbox for Studies in Visual Computation at Linköping University which summaries the required background theory that the reader is assumed to be familiar with, presented in undergraduate courses. It also contains some advanced topics, e.g., on matrix operations and non-linear optimization, which are used in this book

Changes to previous version

  • All issues listed in the errata for previous version are fixed.
  • Additional typos and language issues fixed.
  • Two new chapters:
    • One new chapter on planar and rotational homographies, as special cases of two-view geometry.
    • One new chapter of stereo rectification.
  • Part IV Toolbox in version 0.33 is moved from this publication to the prerequisite (renamed to Toolbox).

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How do I get it?

A printed version of the compendium is available from LiU-tryck, and sold at their shop in Building A. For information about prices and availablility, please refer to LiU-tryck. The internal reference for this publication at LiU-tryck is A1763.

An electronic version is available at Linköping University Electronic Press.

Earlier versions

The errata pages for earlier versions are available here:

0.33 0.32 0.31 0.30 0.25

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