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Embodied Visual Object Recognition

This ran from January 2009 to December 2012 and was funded by The Swedish Research Council (VR) .

The People

The principal investigator for this project is Per-Erik Forssén .
The project also employs the PhD students Marcus Wallenberg and Hannes Ovrén .

The Robot

The robot, Eddie the embodied, is shown in the image below.

Eddie the embodied

Follow this link to see an earlier version of Eddie in action. The movie shows Eddie attending to, and successfully recognising four objects, after they have been placed in front of him. The robot voice in the movie clip reports the name of the object, "teddy", "police car", "red car", and "matchbox", as well as a measure of uncertainty on object identity. Note that we are constantly improving the capabilities of Eddie, and the movie clip is thus slightly out of date.

The final (?) incarnation of Eddie can be seen in action in the supplemental video to the IROS17 paper Attentional Masking for Pre-trained Deep Networks.

On May 10, Swedish TV aired an interview where we presented Eddie. Click here to see it (in Swedish) .


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