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Masters Thesis Projects (Exjobb) in Computer Vision

Important information for autumn 2018

The Computer Vision Laboratory has limited resources in terms of personnel for examination and supervision of master thesis projects. Currently, we have reached that limit and cannot accept new master thesis projects during the autumn semester 2018. We expect, however, that the situation improves for the spring semester.

Important information for spring 2019

For the spring semester 2019, the Computer Vision Laboratory will prioritize examination and supervision of master thesis work where each project has two students. Exceptions are possible, for example for internal projects, or for external projects after decision by Michael or Lasse.

If you are interested in a master thesis project within the field of Computer Vision, there are several options:

  • Do a project at the Computer Vision Laboratory. See the list of Internal Master Thesis projects. You can also contact one of the examiners at CVL directly, see list of examiners below.
  • We also maintain a list of proposals defined by external partners, industry or other organisations. See the list of External Master Thesis projects.
  • You can also directly contact companies/organisations which do not have any proposals listed here and see if there are any new proposals coming up.
  • A list of suitable companies/organisations is found here: Computer Vision oriented companies/organisations

If you have tried these possibilities and still not found any interesting project, you can also directly contact one of the examiners at CVL, see list of examiners below.

Assignment of examiner and internal supervisor

All masters theses should have an examiner, and at least one supervisor, see Masters thesis information at ISY.

List of examiners for Masters theses in Computer Vision:

Assignment of examiner is made after you contact an examiner (you will not necessarily get the one you contact).

Assignment of internal supervisors to masters projects that start in January 2019 will be made at a meeting in early December.

Other information sources

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