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Plan for lectures, lessons, and computer exercises (HT1)

IREG: Introduction and Representation for Estimation in Geometry.

Toolbox: Mathematical Toolbox for Studies in Visual Computation at Linköping University.

In both cases, all references below are to Version 0.40.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, all lectures will be held remotely over Zoom (Meeting ID: 658 8071 0723).

Lecture Lesson Computer
Content Related material

Homogeneous representations in 2D IREG chapters 3 and Toolbox section 7.1. Maybe also browse through IREG chapters 1 and 2, and Part I of the Toolbox.
Videos: Projective Spaces and The cross product operator in the CVL video channel.

Transformations in 2D IREG chapter 4
Vdeo: Groups-1-Intro and Groups-2-Example in the CVL video channel.

Homogeneous representations in 3D IREG chapters 5-6

Homogeneous representations

The pinhole camera, Kronecker product & vectorisation IREG chapter 8
Video: about the pinhole camera from Kahn Acedemy
Slides for Kronecker & vec
Video (extra): The Kronecker product
Video (extra): Vectorisation

Homographies, DLT IREG chapters 7, 9 and 12

Least-squares, SVD, intro to estimation Toolbox sections 3.4.2, 3.7.3, 8.2, and IREG chapter 13
Video: Singular value decomposition at Youtube.

Homogeneous representations, estimation

A Estimation in practice

Representations of 3D rotations IREG chapter 11 and Toolbox section 7.2
Videos: Eig-1-Intro and Eig-2-SpectralTheorem in the CVL video channel.
The Trace of a Square Matrix on Youtube.
Matrix Exponentials I: Preliminaries.
Matrix Exponentials II: Diagonalization.

Estimation of rigid transformations IREG chapter 15

Geometry and estimation

B Estimation of rigid transformations

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