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For the first (HT1) part of the course

A compendium:

For a more detailed presentation of the same subject, the following textbook is available at the library, both in physical and electronic versions:
  • Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision, Hartley and Zisserman, Cambridge, 2003. [On Campus E-book]
There is also a compendium that contains the prerequisites, from previous courses (for the first part of this course), as well as some advanced topics that are used in this course:
The first part of this compendium is not required for the following this course, but may be helpful if the corresponding stuff is not at the top of you mind. The second part contains material on some advanced topics, e.g., on matrix operations. Some of these topics are included in this course, see information specific for each lecture.

For the second (HT2) part of the course

The second part of the course, on linear signal representations and applications, uses the following list of literature. Reading them is not required for passing the course, but they should be consulted in the case that you want a wider perspective of the material in the course or want to get a more consistnt mathematical presentation.
  1. Signal representations: Signal Analysis: Wavelets, Filter Banks, Time-Frequency Transforms and Applications , Alfred Mertins, Wiley.
  2. Normalised Convolution: Processing Incomplete and Uncertain Data using Subspace Methods , Westin & Knutsson, ICPR, 1994, DOI. Accessible from LiU IP-addresses.

  3. Polynomial expansion: The Stereo Problem, an excerpt from the PhD thesis of Gunnar Farnebäck.

  4. Stereo Rectification: C. Loop and Z. Zhang, Computing Rectifying Homographies for Stereo Vision, In Proceedings of CVPR 1999
  5. Principal Component Analysis: See chapter 5 in Mertins book (ref #1 above), where it is called Karhunen-Loéve transform.

  6. Frames: Tutorial: An Introduction to Frames, Kovacevic and Chebira, Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing. Vol 2, No 1 (2008) pages 1-94. Original paper: A class of nonharmonic Fourier series , Duffin and Schaeffer, Transaction of American Mathematical Society, 1952. Accessible from LiU IP-addresses.

  7. Wavelet transform: A wavelet tour of signal processing , Stéphan Mallat, Academic Press, 1998. Alternatively: Ten lectures on Wavelets , Ingrid Daubechies, CBMS-NSF, 1992. Alternatively: A Friendly Guide to Wavelets , Gerald Kaiser, Birkhäuser, 1994. Also: Chapter 8 in Mertins book (ref #1 above).

  8. There is also a beginning of a compendium that covers the theory of this part of the couse. part1, part2.

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