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WITAS publications from the Computer Vision Laboratory

Each publication has a link to an information page containing an abstract and, if available, links to a PDF file and/or a gzip compressed PostScript file.

* only bibliographical information
** bibliographical information + abstract
*** bibliographical information + abstract + full paper


A flexible runtime system for image processing in a distributed computational environment for an unmanned aerial vehicle ***
Klas Nordberg, Patrick Doherty, Per-Erik Forssén, Johan Wiklund, Per Andersson
special issue of the International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
August, 2006

Two-Frame Motion Estimation Based on Polynomial Expansion ***
Gunnar Farnebäck
SCIA 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden
June-July, 2003

Two-Dimensional Channel Representation for Multiple Velocities ***
Hagen Spies, Per-Erik Forssén
SCIA 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden
June-July, 2003

A Framework for Estimation of Orientation and Velocity ***
K. Nordberg, G. Farnebäck
ICIP 2003, Barcelona, Spain
September, 2003

Robust Multi-Scale Extraction of Blob Features ***
Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund
SCIA 2003, Gothenburg, Sweden
June-July, 2003

HiperLearn: A High Performance Channel Learning Architecture ***
Gösta Granlund and Per-Erik Forssén and Björn Johansson
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks

Unrestricted Recognition of 3-D Objects for Robotics Using Multi-Level Triplet Invariants ***
Gösta H. Granlund, Anders Moe
Artificial Intelligence Magazine

Vision for a UAV helicopter ***
Klas Nordberg, Patrick Doherty, Gunnar Farnebäck, Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund, Anders Moe, Johan Wiklund
IROS'02, Lausanne, Switzerland
October, 2002

Unrestricted Recognition of 3-D Objects Using Multi-Level Triplet Invariants ***
Gösta H. Granlund, Anders Moe
Cognitive Vision Workshop, Zürich, Switzerland
September, 2002

Motion Detection in the WITAS Project ***
Gunnar Farnebäck, Klas Nordberg
SSAB 2002, Lund
March, 2002

An Associative Perception-Action Structure using a Localized Space Variant Information Representation ***
G. H. Granlund
AFPAC, Kiel, Germany
September, 2000

The WITAS Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project ***
Patrick Doherty, Gösta Granlund, Krzystof Kuchcinski, Erik Sandewall, Klas Nordberg, Erik Skarman, Johan Wiklund
ECAI 2000, Berlin
August, 2000

WITAS: An Intelligent Autonomous Aircraft Using Active Vision ***
Gösta Granlund, Klas Nordberg, Johan Wiklund, Patrick Doherty, Erik Skarman, Erik Sandewall
UAV 2000 International Technical Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France
June, 2000

Integration of vision and decision-making in an autonomous airborne vehicle for traffic surveillance ***
S. Coradeschi, L. Karlsson, K. Nordberg
Grand Canary
January, 1999

WITAS Project at Computer Vision Laboratory; A status report (Jan 1998) ***
T. Andersson, G. H. Granlund, G. Farnebäck, K. Nordberg, J. Wiklund
SSAB 98, Uppsala, Sweden
March, 1998

Integration of vision and reasoning in an airborne autonomous vehicle for traffic surveillance *
S. Coradeschi, K. Nordberg, L. Karlsson
Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany
December, 1997

PhD Theses

Polynomial Expansion for Orientation and Motion Estimation ***
Gunnar Farnebäck
PhD Dissertation no. 790

Licentiate Theses

Sparse Representations for Medium Level Vision ***
Per-Erik Forssén
Lic Thesis no. 869
February, 2001

Learning in a Reactive Robotic Architecture ***
Thord Andersson
Lic Thesis no. 817
March, 2000

Spatial Domain Methods for Orientation and Velocity Estimation ***
Gunnar Farnebäck
Lic Thesis no. 755
March, 1999

Master's Theses

Tracking by Image Processing in a Real-Time System ***
Per Öberg
March, 2003

Vehicle Detection and Classification in Video Sequences ***
Andreas Böckert

View Dependent Recognition of Objects **
Robert Söderberg
February, 2002

Implementation Aspects of Image Processing ***
Per Nordlöw
March, 2001

GIS in a simulator environment and efficient inverse mapping of roads ***
Stefan Langemark
October, 1999

Investigations in Tracking and Colour Classification ***
Anders Moe
December, 1998

Technical reports

Channel Representation of Colour Images ***
Per-Erik Forssén, Gösta Granlund, Johan Wiklund
March, 2002

Autonomous Navigation using Active Perception ***
Per-Erik Forssén
September, 2001

Window Matching using Sparse Templates ***
Per-Erik Forssén
September, 2001

Maximum Entropy Matching: An Approach to Fast Template Matching ***
Frans Lundberg
October, 2000

Updating Camera Location and Heading using a Sparse Displacement Field ***
Per-Erik Forssén
November, 2000

Fuzzy matching of visual cues in an unmanned airborne vehicle ***
T. Andersson, S. Coradeschi, A. Saffiotti
August, 1999

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