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Collaborative Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS)
This project will study and advance the theory and practice of using a collection of collaborating heterogeneous unmanned aircraft systems. Applications involve both emergency services and security applications.
3D Time-of-Flight Processing (3D-ToF)
This project develops novel algorithms for depth calculation using the time-of-flight principle. The project is a collaboration with the company Fotonic that builds ToF-cameras.
Learnable Camera Motion Models
In this project, we develop continuous camera motion models that can be adapted to specific situations through learning. Such models are needed in video stabilisation and rectification on mobile platforms. They are also useful for control of motorised gimbals that mechanically stabilise the camera aim.
Non-linear adaptive color image processing
The scientific goal of this project is to develop new methods for tensor-based variational and PDE-based image processing.
The Virtual Photo Set
The Virtual Photo Set (VPS) will allow users to blend real and virtual objects and generate photo realistic images in which the real and virtual objects are indistinguishable. It will also allow the users to edit the captured reality to alter such things as light sources, object placement and materials etc. The VPS is a natural step in the on-going paradigm shift of the way in which we capture and document reality.

Completed projects

List of completed projects

Last updated: 2017-08-22